Founded in 2009, Seedsummit is group of over 25 leading investors who are working together to create transparency in the Global startup ecosystem. By providing documents that range from a founders’ agreement to investment termsheets, we hope to help both seed stage investors and startups by allowing them to operate in a fast, fair, and affordable way.

It started with a termsheet

Raising funds and creating the legal frameworks for a new startup can seem like an overwhelming effort for a new entrepreneur largely due to the time, cost, and lack of transparency in the process. The fact that most entrepreneurs only go through this process a few times in their career adds to the challenge; after all, the investor usually knows what to expect.

When we first launched Seedsummit, we wanted to have a forum for active seed investors across EMEA to meet and get to know each other better. We were impressed by the 50+ investors who participated and actively debated and discussed issues important to them. A major ‘To Do’ that was agreed was to help investors and entrepreneurs across EMEA by providing guidelines on seed stage investment agreements. Shortly thereafter, we were excited to announce that several of the investors across EMEA agreed on just that.

Collaborative effort

After working closely with several venture capital and private investment funds and several Angels globally, we are proud to offer the set of suggested, reader-friendly, and standard financing guideline documents.

We hope these documents help bring coherence to the fragmentation of the International market and provide founders with visibility and transparency on commonly (or not) used terms so that they may be able to make better decisions. By bringing the players to reach a common agreement for the benefit of the entrepreneur we hope to save founders time and money and to ensure that the limited funds they are raising are used for the most important thing: building product for their customers. Our group of partners are actively investing across UK, Germany, France, Israel, Ireland, Scandinavia, Poland, Croatia and Hong Kong amongst many others, but we would love to have many more partners globally join our initiative.

Building a database of documents

What started with a standard termsheet now has grown into an ongoing initiative to provide transparent, fair and easily accessible documents for fundraising Internationally, as well as key agreements and legal documents for early founders to build their companies. We look forward to continue to work with top tier investors, angels and advisors to bring greater clarity and ease to investing and growing early stage companies.