Where are the seed investors in Europe?

Or are there seed investors in Europe? – This is always a heated debate ending often with the disappointing consensus that there is seed funding but it is limited. Although we agree with this view to some extent, we decided to set out to change this situation for the better. We think part of the problem is that entrepreneurs and investors have difficulty finding each other. At Seedcamp we bring mentors and entrepreneurs together and we love products that help people solve real problems. We are pretty sure this will help a lot of European entrepreneurs solve the problem of figuring out who are the most active seed investors.

Finding investors and getting them on board is about relationship development. We hope finding them in the first place helps in the journey to get to know them better. But we can’t say enough that it is still up to you to solve real problems, develop powerful solutions, and build great businesses.

If you want to reach out to these investors, one of the best ways is Seedcamp. Beyond that you can also apply through this site and we will pass the proposals we like to the investors for them to get directly in touch with you. We are not releasing their emails because we have seen that they get bombarded by emails and that is not the goal of putting this list together.

Please do let us know how you are using this list, how it is helpful, and most importantly if you close funding from anyone you meet from the list, we’ll announce it on Seedsummit if you want us to.

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