Jeremie Berrebi

Co-Founder, Kima Ventures

About Jeremie:

I'm one of the most famous french entrepreneur living now in Israel. Founded sold in 2004 and Zlio. Shareholders in 30 internet companies Our fund KIMA VENTURES cofounded with Xavier Niel (Free/Iliad-2nd french ISP owner and Le Monde newspaper co owner) is investing in one startup a week all over the world.

Looking for:

Great team, Great Business Model, answering to a simple problem

Skill set:

Enormous network of relationship with all the major internet/mobile players, Strategy, Product and business development, fundraising, quick decision. Very involved in our companies.

Representative investments:, Rapportive, Lengow,Leetchi, Kwaga, iAdvize,, Restopolitan, Ecomom, Kukunu , Dweho, Covertix

I am investing:

Money from a fund

Sectors I'm interested in investing:

Social networks & groups, e-Commerce & events, Productivity & business, Publishing & photography, Mobile, Search & Reference, Communication, Utility & Security, Browsing, Web Design Tools, Videos, Music, Gaming, Telecoms, Hardware, Retail, Clean Tech, Social Enterprise

Startup stages I'm interested for investing:

Idea, Prototype, Pre Revenue, Revenue

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