About Seedsummit

Welcome to Seedsummit!

We hope you get a lot of value out of this site and that it goes some way towards de-mystifying the seed investment scene in Europe.

At Seedcamp, we are always thinking of ways we can open up our network and knowledge to benefit entrepreneurs at every stage of their businesses. Like other tech businesses, we’re also building products that will be useful for our audience, you – the tech entrepreneur.

Hence we introduce Seedsummit, a platform where we can make it easier to find Europe’s top seed investors and also documents and content that can help you with the seed stage fundraising process. We are as excited about launching this as were when we launched our first product, Seedcamp, in 2007.

There’s more to come at Seedsummit. We are starting with the Seedlist and we will continue to add more active seed investors to the list over time. We will also add legal documents for seed stage companies and more content as we get more feedback from you.