PLEASE BE AWARE: The application process for Seedsummit has changed due to our partnership with Angellist. Please follow the following steps:

  • 1 Fill out an Angellist profile – and make it look good
  • 2¬†Follow us on Angellist and connect
  • 3 If there’s a great fit, we’ll connect you to the investor group

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for start-ups that have reached some of the earlier proof points in their development. These can be anything from revenues to customer base, social proof, or technology leadership. If you are at the very early stages and have just developed a prototype, Seedcamp might be the better option for you. Check out when we are running our next event, and apply to take part.

The focus is clearly on internet technology and software, the same area we have experience and knowledge about. We love businesses that have low capital intensity to start-up, use mobile or the web as distribution, and use innovative business models like SaaS and direct selling. As you can see from the grouping of investors, there is a very broad range of sectors which we are interested in.

We have started Seedsummit because it is – like every startup should be – solving one of our core issues at Seedcamp: finding the right investors for post-Seedcamp stage companies, both in our own network and beyond. This also gives you a good idea about the kind of startups we are hoping to connect.

We are looking for the same kind of founders and teams we work with at Seedcamp: People who want to make great things happen, change industries, and challenge the status quo of the international tech scene.

Your application

Please make sure your company fits the above description and is in active fundraising mode. Let us know via Angellist that you are looking for future investors – we will then check out your profile, give you some feedback about the information (and might suggest to change some items) and forward your profile to the Seedsummit investor group.

On Angellist, please be very specific and to the point in your answers. Yes, you can link to more information – but showing that you can communicate your vision and plans coherently is very important to all of the investors on Seedsummit. Please also let us know which investors you would like to talk to specifically, as this is an important part of the introduction to them.

We are still reviewing the process, but found this a very effective way of forwarding information to the investors.